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Releases expected Schedule:

Release Expected Schedule Notes
1.0 TBD  
1.1 TBD  
1.2 TBD  
2.0 TBD  


Do you want to help this project? See following task list:

Task Status Expected Schedule Notes
Add XML Zones support todo RELEASE 1.2  
Add BIND9 Zones compatibility todo RELEASE 1.1  
Implement Caching System todo RELEASE 1.2  
Add compression support in message serialization todo RELEASE 1.1  
Implement DNS-JNDI Provider todo    
Implement various Resource Records todo RELEASE 1.1 RR types: null, mb, md, mf, mg, minfo, mr, wks, spf, dname, loc, ds, kx, key, naptr, rp, sig, tkey, tsig
Implement DNSSec specification todo RELEASE 2.0  
Add DNS-Update support todo RELEASE 2.0  
Add DNS-Notify support todo RELEASE 2.0  
enable resolvers to auto-detect misconfiguration and possible optimization and report it to sysadmin      
Write POM file for Maven/Ivy repository todo    
Implement recursive resolver todo RELEASE 1.1  
Create ant target to build packages for various unix distributions work in progress   Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuse, Slackware, Gentoo, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Debian
write man-pages todo    
Create ant target to build MSI installer file for Microsoft Windows todo    
Add Zone transfer support todo    
Develop a graphical installer with IzPack todo    
Add --version option to command line tools todo