2010 December 12: DNS4J BETA3 is available.

This is a preview. Please do not use it in production environment.


DNS4J for System Administrators:

>>> Download core package <<< (Ubuntu 10.10 package - released under LGPL license)

>>> Download extras package <<< (Containts third part libraries like MySQL/J Connector, JNA, Groovy lang - released under GPL license)

DNS4J for Developers:

>>> Download full JAR (include Core, Server and dependencies) <<<

>>> Download minimal JAR (include only core API) <<<

See all downloadable files at

You can also download source code from SVN repository:

Versioning Policy

DNS4J version sound like X.Y.Z where:

  • X denote the major version. Backward compatibility is NOT guaranteed across different major version
  • Y denote the minor version. A new minor version is released when a new feature is available. Backward compatibility is guaranteed
  • Z denote the fix version. These revisions contains only bugfix.